Why are we making other people rich?

Why are we making other people rich?

In this article, I will discuss how the tech world is changing and helping individuals take on different careers, becoming entrepreneurs and how individuals can get paid to eat. (yes you can get paid to eat hahaha)

So again, Why are we making other people rich?

That question boggles my mind, we look at Steve jobs and bill gates 2 of the men who help shape and change the tech world. But ethics played a major role in both men success.

The tech world has changed in many ways, opening jobs to communities, and giving individuals a chance to become an entrepreneur. People have realized thanks to technology that there is a knitch for all of us, as millennials, we have helped shaped this belief. As we see more startups that are apps which are in business-like uber, lyft, Bitescourt, facebook, twitter, doctor on demand and much more.

Companies such as Bitescourt understands the technology change which is why we have come up with a strategic plan to change the food industry. Bitescourt the app that pays you to eat has a new referral and loyalty program. the referral program pays individuals $10.00 per person they refer. The loyalty program pays individuals 1% of all their orders and their referrals orders too! (dope, right? haha I know)

Bitescourt can be found on the web or on the google play store or android. https://www.bitescourt.com/home

Growing up in the earlier years (more like the 90’s lol), we were taught go to school get a degree and work in an office or corporate office, with an 8 hr shift normally consisting of a 9-5  schedule. As there were no companies which pay you to eat or companies which pay you to just spread the word about a new startup, but us Millenials want more, we want to work from remote places whether it’s at home or on a beach, we want to make money and make it fast, we want technology to move in the blink of an eye, and slowly we are changing this world I mean look at Amazon and Air B N B! ( and trust me when I tell ya, Philly, Bitescourt is next)

check out, https://www.bitescourt.com/home quit paying full price for food, and get paid to eat.

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