Wawa vs. Sheetz: Who reigns PA?

If you live in Pennsylvania you know that Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are rivals when it comes to deciding which city is better, but to solve this case we have the ultimate debate. WAWA and SHEETZ. Our opinion is biased, so we’re going to leave it up to you guys to decide with the pros and cons of each convenience store.



We even did a little poll of our own (not a lot of votes, but Sheetz has valuable customers)

Ultimate Factor

This is what we believe are great factors of each chain.



-Mac and cheese


-Friendly environment

-Fresh packaged food (sandwiches, fruits, and snacks)


-Bigger variety of warm food

-Funny advertisements

-Great fries

-Flashy and colorful

-Walk in soda cave

-Serves alcohol

You can do the research behind their morals and service, but your experience is what really makes Wawa or Sheetz the convenience store of PA.

What do you prefer? Comment below!

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