Top 3 desserts in Philly


Termini Brothers 

Its  no secret that legit Italian food options are found in south  Philly.  So if you’re looking for an Italian dessert we have the answer, head to the Italian Market (obviously) for some cannolis from Termini Brothers. A delecious addicting mouth watering treat that makes my heart mealt . Seriously, try it for your self and watch the addiction take over.



Federal Dounuts

In the mood for a donut , not just any donut how about a place that has the best donuts ever , as the lines out the door explains it all. This deep fried treat sells out before 3 pm ! Known for their creatieve flavors that you can choose from such as, mint chocolate cookie, lemon bar, maple bacon and spicy PB&J or hot and fresh donuts with a dusting of strawberry fennel, turkish mocha and more.



Franklin fountain

A blast from the past,

Franklin Fountain serves up handmade ice cream in an astounding number of flavors including your original flavors like vanilla bean, chocolate and Franklin mint chip along with a few creative options including Green Tea, banana and Teaberry Gum.

The friendly staff  always has a smile as they offer their  25 different flavors of soda, ice cream sodas, egg creams and milkshakes. Stop on in and enjoy one of their many treats!


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