The tech world is growing rapidly in Philly – did you know you canget free meals now

Tech world is growing rapidly in Philly. 

Its like whisper down the lane the techs are taking over!

As we all know the millennial generation has brought many changes to the United States. Millennials, like myself, expect things to be done fast and in a click of a button. We rely heavily on technology as our everyday living has already changed from 30 years prior.

The more convenient and flexible something is, the more millennials will use or purchase it. The best example would be the cell phone. Apple was created with one purpose to make life easier for your average joe and the business world and this was accomplished. From how we send emails, watch TV to how we pay our bills everything can now be done with the click of a button and one device.

Philadelphia’s lifestyle is a hustle and bustle as Philadelphia is a fast-paced City. Convenience is a big deal to people who commute or live in the city whether you’re a Philadelphian or a new yorker we can all vouch for convenience.

We have come up with an app that is pure convenience for business and your average joe.

There are many wonderful Eats here in Philadelphia but money can be an issue. This is why Bitescourt was created. Food can be expensive especially if you love dining out or ordering in. We came together and put all our ideas together and came up with (Drum Roll Please) …

The app that pays you to eat.

Bitescourt mission is to help the community, by paying users to eat. How are we going to do that you ask?

For each person, you refer Bitescourt will pay you $10.00 (towards food), after that the loyalty program kicks in which consist of a network of three people in this network you will receive a percent back off of all your network orders.

What other company pays you every time you or one of your friends place an order?

Our purpose is to make sure everyone can afford and order food when they want no matter the age from college students down to working parents. We all deserve to eat when we want!

Happy eating foodies.

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