The Beyonce Diet You Need to Try

If you are looking for a sign to switch up your diet, look no further to Beyonce’s vegan diet and exercise challenge.

Queen Bey continues to wow the world with her drive, work ethic, and dedication to her projects. Whether they’re her music albums, humanitarian aid, or a fitness clothing line, a personal goal related to this icon is an honor.

For anyone who is up to date with her diet lifestyle would be aware of her partnership with Marco Borges, an Exercise Physiologist who has worked with other high-profile celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest and Shakira. Borges promotes his “revolutionary lifestyle change” that includes mindfulness and an 80-10-10 diet intake. He encourages the use of changing and understanding the improvements your body can make when you only allow wholesome foods (veggies, fruits, and grains) in your diet. One of his highly recommended programs is his 22 Days Nutrition delivery service.

Buzzfeed provides an experimental overview starting the program (all thanks to Bey :D)
For guidance following Marco’s diet challenge, here are people who recorded their experience:

As for Beyonce’s workout regimen, we found a bunch of articles relating to her intense training, and a handful mentioned the rigorous practice she maintained for her world tours. We don’t recommend anyone to follow unless they are practicing for an important event such as the Olympics. However, Borges endorses a 5-day workout plan with a minimum of 30 minutes will go a long way to shed weight. Here are suggestions to give yourself if you find jogging on an elliptical too mundane (these tips target areas all over your body):

To leave you with a friendly reminder as to what you’re working for….you’re welcome.

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