Top 5: Best Seafood Places in Philly

There are plenty dishes in the sea of Philadelphia, but have you tried food from restaurants that Philly residents can’t resist? Then read our list of great places to visit and dine out! 1.Oyster House Located in Rittenhouse is the famous Oyster House providing all who enter family-style meals, raw oysters, drinks, and daily specials. Visit to enjoy meals in the heart Philadelphia. Customer Favorites: Happy hour $1 oysters … Continue reading Top 5: Best Seafood Places in Philly

Philadelphia Restaurant-Rising Sun Pizza

If history is any indication, good restaurant businesses serve mesmerizing food, and Rising Sun Pizza is a great example. At the corner of Rising Sun and Tyson Ave lies a family owned pizza shop that has been in business since 1983. This North East Philly pizzeria offers melt-in-your-mouth fast food cuisines starring their buffalo chicken strombolis, noteworthy Philly cheesesteaks, and magnificent buffalo wings. If you’re in the mood for … Continue reading Philadelphia Restaurant-Rising Sun Pizza

Philadelphia Restaurant-Sanremo’s Pizza

      Stop by Sanremo’s and engulf yourself in food worth its value. With thirteen years in business there is something to be said about this restaurant, whether you’re grabbing a slice or adore the atmosphere, you will always taste Sanremo’s culinary expertise. Locations in Philadelphia (6230 Bustleton Ave) and Clifton, New Jersey, Sanremo’s keeps their menu stocked with finger-licking American meals you can’t … Continue reading Philadelphia Restaurant-Sanremo’s Pizza