Philadelphia Restaurant-New London Pizza

      Head on over to New London Pizza and be greeted with a warm smile. On the corner of 500 E Wyoming Ave, specialty fast food is served ready at your service. For over 30 years (owner’s name) has been giving Philadelphians what they want: food guaranteed to put your money where your mouth is—hot and fresh. Customer favorites such as cheese pizza, … Continue reading Philadelphia Restaurant-New London Pizza

Philadelphia Restaurant-Jimmy’s House of Pizza

To get the taste of Greek tradition, head to Jimmy’s House of Pizza located at 3871 L St in Philadelphia! Originally founded in Athens, Greece, Jimmy’s has opened their store in Philly giving their customers the taste of hand crafted fast food dishes.  Whether you select their favored burritos, charcoal grilled chicken, or pizza, you’re inviting savory spices to your taste buds. There is something … Continue reading Philadelphia Restaurant-Jimmy’s House of Pizza

Philadelphia Restaurant-Bentouli’s

Step into Bentouli’s and you’ll walk into a mini-Greece with the aroma of spices and oven baked goodness. Established in 1998, Bentouli’s has been providing customers delicious hand made American specialties by serving every single order with quality food, fast service/delivery, and a clean environment. Intrigued? Then stop by or order using Bitescourt when you’re in the mood to feast on cheesesteaks, buffalo wings, pizza, … Continue reading Philadelphia Restaurant-Bentouli’s

Philadelphia Restaurant-Pizza Boli’s

“We Deliver More Taste!” is all you need to know when stepping into this pizza shop. Started 25 years ago, Pizza Boli’s has been giving customers more than what’s essential. Meals made with authentic ingredients, love, and special spices keep their customers happy and business rolling. Order from the first Pizza Boli’s in Philadelphia (3883 Glendale St, Philadelphia, PA) or search for locations near you on … Continue reading Philadelphia Restaurant-Pizza Boli’s

Philadelphia Restaurant – Takka Grill

Located at 418 E Wyoming Ave, you can find Takka Grill serving mouth-watering American food ready for when you’re on the go. Takka Grill’s brillant owner, Younes Lamin, created the go to restaurant three years ago, and by the looks of it, his food is selling like hot cakes! Outstanding dishes like chicken alfredo pasta, pizza, fiesta salad, and salmon platter are sure things to … Continue reading Philadelphia Restaurant – Takka Grill