Resturant Alert – BBQ lovers this ones for you!

Ribs R US / Luther ribs 

This restaurant alert is a hot trending spot in Philadelphia. Grab your BBQ bibs and get ready to get dirty.

Are you ready BBQ lovers?

The name says it all! If you’re a meat eater then you want to try this BBQ joint, located on 4912 5th st in the Philadelphia area.

First I need to start off with woahhh, this place is flipping amazing. Their homemade bbq sauce is smokey yet tangy, spicy yet sweet, and filled with flavorful spices that will have you asking to purchase their special sauce. Everything is homemade from sauces down to the greens.

There are two different rib options beef or pork. I must admit I tried both and fell in love. The meat just falls right off of the bone and every bite you take will have you wanting more. It’s like there’s a party in your mouth every time you take a bite.

The casual atmosphere causes for chill dinners or lunches if you choose to dine in. If you’re lazy like myself feel free to use bitescourt food app and get Ribs R Us delivered to your door. use the promo code Biteit and save $10.00 off your first order!

In need for catering? Not a problem give bitescourt a ring or send us an email with the order and a number of people you would need to order for, and Bitescourt will give you a deal you can not pass up.


Comment below once you have tried their food, I promise you won’t regret it!

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