Police Holiday Bash

Bitescourt had its first ever Police holiday bash. This party was meant to give back to all of our hard working men and women who help us daily. Appreciation is key , and unfortunately most police men & women are just not appreciated for all they do. Bitescourt decided we are going to make the change.

The event was filled with laughter , smiles, hugs , love and appreciation (oh lets not forget the food ) The event took place december 15 from 9 am until 4 pm. Officers received breakfast , lunch and raffles. What was on the menu you ask?

First up on the course is breakfast :

Plain , Everything ,Sesame , and poppy seed bagels.

Mini and normal size croissants,empanadas, fruit salad and of course beverages.

Second stop Lunch:

Pizza , every topping you could imagine

Breadsticks ,garlic breadsticks , parmesan breadsticks and cinnamon sticks.



And two different flavored wings , bbq and hot.

Last but not least beverages.

Bitescourt had many sponsors which helped us through our first ever Police Holiday Bash. Please help us give a big thank you to , corefitness, cousins supermarket,dominos pete’s pizza, premium2 , bravos , erie marketplace , comcast, mariaquinonessanchez , swift gym , east coast furniture, djbasedgodowens , ozzy pizza shop ,telemundo ,el sol latino newspaper, fernando suárez , cricket http://joesdiscountroofing.com and salonrosam.

Stay tuned Philly , Bitescourt will have many events this upcoming year. Want to come to one of our events, send us a message –customerservice@bitescourt.com


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