Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Superbowl

Eagles are going to the Superbowl – how the city of brotherly love celebrates: 

Living in northern liberties you have the option of walking to many local pubs and restaurants , as location s what your paying for. With that in mind i live in an amazing location so when our eagles wiped the vikings, we all knew that meant one thing – we are going to superbowl!

Once the game was over all you can hear is Philadelphians shouting – FLY EAGLES FLY, GO EAGLES! Superbowl baby! Philadelphia was lit (literally) from fireworks blasting, music blaring and the entire City of Brotherly Love in a state of jubilation.

I remember all i can hear being yelled outside was “We’re going to the big game. “We’re going to the Super Bowl! We’re going to the f—— Super Bowl.”

Eagles going to Superbowl is well deserved. I am not a football fanatic personally but I can vouch when i say even my emotions are getting the best of me right now and I love it and It’s so deserved.Everybody in this city is happy excited and amped as the city of brotherly love has waited far too long for this amazing victory!

See you all on the next game day!


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