No Fear, College Graduation is Here

Fear washes over your body as you try to gather your mental health back in order. You’re struggling to balance schoolwork, finding out if you’re actually going to graduate, and applying to 50 job applications at once. Senior year is tough and the light in the tunnel of obligations seems so far away. First thing’s first. You’re close to graduation, which is a major accomplishment. Your degree shows you survived four years of stress, sacrifice, and unforgettable moments. As someone who was in that situation, I’m here to tell you a couple of things that will give you a sense of release after you turn your tassel at graduation.


  • Kill All Your Expectations

Have plans and make room for detours.

Applying for jobs is a job itself. With the load of schoolwork you try to manage, know that the effort you put in won’t always have the best results. After I graduated college moving out of my mom’s house with a paid internship leading into a contract position was the idea I planned. Next thing you know, I’m spending my Summer hiding in my room, haunted by my pink walls editing portfolios and sending out five resumes a day. Draining, but a valuable learning experience. Your goals are along the way, just don’t let brick walls break you into pieces and understand the knowledge it will all unravel. If one place doesn’t respond, keep going and edit along the way.


  • Your Friends Who Land Jobs In Their Field Struggle Too

We’re all trying to figure it out

Never romanticize the lifestyle people portray online because it’s most likely dramatized. Yeah, your friend scored that awesome job for a million dollar publication company, but adjusting to the workforce is never an easy transition. When you have an assignment to do you actually have to get it done, and the grade can cost you your job or reputation. We are all left to be thrown to the wolves and forced to fend for ourselves. Heck, my parents still tell me they are trying to figure out their life (this may make your understanding of life a little more complicated), but it’s all apart of the journey. Get the assumption and false world of how people live out of your mind and focus on yourself.


  • Re-evaluate Your Goals

As your life changes course, so will your plans

Think back to a year ago and the situation at hand. Different right? You met new people, had a very traumatizing moment no one except your diary knows, and, hopefully, made positive life decisions. That BMW you saved up for turn into a Honda because of an invest you think is worth the downgrade. My point being said is that steps you see for yourself are meant to be changed, put to the side, or added as time passes and that is okay. Never feel like you have failed yourself in any way.

Let yourself be open to a new stage in life. Most importantly, live your life the way you want to. Your passage is not meant to mirror others and success is not the equivalent to fame. Pursue whatever your heart desires, because it is your path filled with straight roads and bumpy hills no one else but you will travel.

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