Need more cash?

  Need more cash- learn how to make money every time you eat!

The holidays are almost finished but the bills have just begun pilling. I’m pretty sure I am not the only one dreading to see my bills coming this new year. Whether you’re trying to pay off debt as myself, save money or just boost your  income, then you’ve came to the right place. This post is all about how you can make money every time you or your friends order food. ( i know i sound nuts but bare with me this is legit)

As we are aware schedule and skills, play a major role on the amount of income we bring in monthly. Thanks to technology, apps such as Bitescourt was able to come up with different routes you can take to make extra money.

All that is needed is a  smartphone,  laptop or desktop you can be  at home or even running some errands, the purpose of this is to be convenient and flexible. Bitescourt is Philly’s first food app , Bitescourt has one goal , to pay users to eat. How can we do that you ask? Simple we have created two intense programs which helps users make money every time they refer a new user. Below you will find detailed information on how you can make money every time you or your friends order food through Bitescourt.

The Referral Program

  1. By referring someone to the app you receive $5 Bites Coins credit towards your Bitescourt account.
  2. The person that was referred is given $5 in credits.
  3. On the app and the webpage their is a refer the friend section which will provide you with your unique referral code that you can email or text to all your friends and family.

The Loyalty Program:

  1. The loyalty program consist of three people including yourself.
  2. 1% of all your orders come back to you (even your own orders)
  3. For example, if I’m at the top of a tree, and my lowest generation member makes an order, the 1% bonus will come back to the person who referred them, the person who I referred, and myself.

Happy Eating foodies,

Bitescourt– the app that pays you to eat.


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