Item of the Month – Zum Mist

Whenever you walk into a Target what is the first thing you do after you grab a cart? Walk straight to the beauty and wellness section. Do I have a purpose going over there? No. However, it did lead me to buy a purchase that is now my addiction.

At first, I was glancing at rows of face masks that were cheap and appealing, but as I walked further down the aisle I saw a sign that said “vegan made, 100% pure essential oil body spray” and directed my path towards the product. I was a little skeptic at first because natural and organic is the new fad and as a vegetarian, I want to treat my body with the love it deserves.  To make sure Zum’s convention is honest, I googled the ingredients and reviews. Although Amazon, Vistacost, and Earthturns provide great ratings, I’m in the Marketing field so I know some brands ask customers to write positive reviews in exchange of a discount. So, I took a leap of faith and bought Zum’s 4oz Frankincense and Myrrh spray.

As I soon I walked into my room, I covered myself with the mist and was hugged with a sweet, earthy musk. If love has a smell, this is it. Coworkers, friends, and my mom (she has sensitive sense of smell) love it! I put it on whenever I’m heading out or on my bed when I want to relax. The smell lingers, so if you’re not into long lasting sprays this isn’t for you.  The smell is gender neutral making it available for anyone. On their website, they have 16 scents listed that I want to try after I finish my first purchase, which was bought two months ago. It’s a vegan product, $10, and will last you a while. Zum Mist was worth the spontaneous buy and I recommend it.

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