Item of the Month – Vitamin E Oil

Thanks to genetics, I was forced to live a life of sensitive skin. Between the age of four and five, my skin has had rough phases of extreme eczema. Thankfully, my body has calmed down. However, I still struggle to find the right moisturizers for my body. Like anyone else, I watch thousands of Youtubers give advice on what works for their skin. One thing they mention all the time are moments of trial and error, especially since our body changes throughout seasons. Well, I went through my huge sacrifices of product disappointment and searched for a more natural remedy. Through observation and curiosity, I was able to understand my body craves moisture and oil every day during Spring, Fall, and Winter. So now I use natural shea butter and shea butter lotion to moisturize, but, as of recently, I picked up vitamin E oil to help heal and build my skin elasticity. The results—amazing.

I have been using the oil for two weeks, and a lot of scarring I had on my face has healed. My skin gets really dry after washing, so adding the oil and lotion to my face is really light. After having a successful period with vitamin E, I mixed it into everything. My body scrub, deep conditioner, shea butter, and hair products. To convince you to try it out for yourself, here are other benefits to using vitamin E oil:


If you’re a smoker, drink alcohol, love the sun, or add weird chemicals to your body, vitamin E oil helps build new skin cells and help strengthen suppleness. This would be wise if you lack melanin as well.

Rough Skin:

This is a strong ticket home. MOISTURE. As if I haven’t mentioned this enough, is the main building block of this oil. Also, antioxidants are included to help aid healing. The antioxidants help fade scars, dark circles under your eyes, and chapped areas around your body.

Vitamin E Oil Saves Lives (Literally):

Here is a list of diseases vitamin E helps to reduce or treat

-Cystic Fiberosis in babies

-Bad Cholesterol

-Eczema (WINNER)


-Skin Cancer

-Minor Burns

And, yes, there are small side effects of vitamin E oil, but this only come with overindulgence. Too much of something never has good results. So, take it from a girl who reacts to things pretty easily, vitamin E is a great way to repair your body on the outside and inside. Get yourself 100% vitamin E oil from a local beauty supply store, Amazon, or any shoppers drug mart.

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