How to SAVE money on school supply shopping!

School supplies can stress out our pockets more than we like to admit. A survey on back to school spending from the National Retail Federation found that families spend an average of $673.57 on school supplies. According to the website “Families with children in grades K-12 plan to spend an average $673.57 on apparel and accessories, electronics, shoes and school supplies, up from last year’s $630.36” As the obvious points out prices have increased on products.

Meaning school supplies can get a bit pricey, especially with more than one kid. I believe no family should have to struggle or scramble around looking for school supplies. Unfortunately, that is not the case as the prices seem to increase yearly. Time is of the essence and I have done research and found the best spots for school supplies that will SAVE you money.

Fortunately, with this day and age technology has taken over and makes price matching a lot easier and fun! Because of the competition of so many stores, there are websites that provide you with coupons, talk about savings. There are also coupons that will allow you to combine with other coupons, websites such as ebates that give individuals cash back per item. (this is a great site too but the sneakers, and clothing need for school)

I have done research on the top 3 spots and I found that these locations are the best spots for school supplies that will SAVE you money.

1. Walmart

If you’re wondering where to buy cheap school supplies, then you should definitely take a visit to any Walmart store.

When it comes to inexpensive school supplies, whether that’s notebooks, folders or pencils, we think that Walmart is one of the best places to shop.

There are several ways to conduct research on the lowest prices, for example, retail me not is an app that provides individuals with price matching options.

Of course, Walmart isn’t going to offer the best prices for every single item. But, for the most part, items at Walmart are usually better priced.

Also, the store significantly reduces the price of its stationery items and office supplies throughout the summer means that you can stock up before the school year begins. ( this is called roll back items)

If you’re a coupon lover now is the time to clip and use!

2. Staples

Staples can be a bit over priced. Even though Staples does not always have the lowest prices for everything, but they price match under retailers school supplies.

This means that if there’s a product from another store example, Walmart, Target, etc. The store also posts supplies by age with a supplies list that teachers in the area recommend. Another really cool feature is school supplies sales, this week for example staples has 10-15 cent note books and folders. Keep your eye out on the flyers as they announce the upcoming sales.

3. Dollar Stores

For your basic school supplies, the dollar stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, Dollar general you don’t have to pay a fortune for your supplies! Everything a dollar if you’re in a dollar store (not a family dollar) If you have a teenage or a super girly kid, this store will benefit you. Students like “cute supplies” meaning characters or flowers or pretty colors on the supplies which get pricey. The dollar store normally offers 2 for one pricing (example 2 folders for 1.00) and if the item is sold separate chances are it’s cheaper there than somewhere else, as stated any type of characters on supplies will affect the price in other stores.

School supplies don’t need to cost you a fortune – you just need to know where to purchase them for the best price.

The above stores offer great prices, coupons, and discounts that can save you hundreds of dollars on school supplies, you can also conduct your own research. On your phone in the google play store or app store, you will find apps which help individuals price match to save you the best amount of money.

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