How to make money

How to make money with out leaving your house:

If your reading this headline your probably wondering, well how can i make money with out leaving my house? Well i’m here to save the day , follow these simple steps ,and you will have free food and some extra cash.

Bitescourt has created two intense programs but there is a program I’ve briefly touched on. This program is called promoters.
A promoter does exactly what the name says: Promotes. Bitescourt will offer the promoter a unique code which refers can apply when they order through Bitescourt.

Guidelines :

  •  $5.00 for each new user who places an order with your promo code.
  •  No cap on the referrals
  • No cap on the amount you can make .
  • Work on your own time and pace.
  • Paid bi weekly ( payment details: half is paid in bite coins = food credits and the other half is paid out to the individual)

Haven’t heard of BitesCourt yet? Most people have heard of GrubHub which started a few years earlier . We are a fairly new food app located in the Philly area, and we are looking for people to spread the love and show support!

    New users will download the BitesCourt App and enter the promo code they are given by the promoter at checkout.
    With a minimum amount of $15.00 per order
    User must be 18 years or older
    Share the app with friends and family.
    Share the app on social media the more referrals you receive the more money you earn.
    Make sure the person places an order minimum of 15.00 using your code .
    Must be located in Philadelphia.
    lastly, like and add us on your social media accounts, as this will help you make more money the more people who utilize your code the more food and money you make!

What we need from you :

Phone number
Best way to contact you
What part of Philly are you from?
Social Media @

Interested in becoming a promoter? Email us today at –

Philly support Philly , don’t forget to download Philly’s first food app ,Bitescourt the app that pays you to eat!

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