How to get free meal

Bittescourt is an online food ordering app but with a completely different structure of how regular food apps work, we developed a game changing referral and loyalty program that would benefit directly the users.

How are we going to do that?

we are going to literally pay our users in credits (bitecoins) to share our brand with other users but not just that, we are going to pay them for the orders of their referrals too, up to 3 generations, allowing them to create their own networks of users, this may not be new for people, people are always recommending any kind of stuff when they are satisfied, but they just didn’t get paid for doing that. That’s why we really mean it when we said we are going to change the rules of online ordering food.

The concept is really simple,  Would you like more information on how you can make money, and receive free food?


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