How to be a Better You

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” – Deborah Day

Are you living day-to-day without giving your mind a break? We all know stress takes a toll on our mental and physical health in a negative way, and our schedule can be too hectic to take time out for ourselves. But if we want to keep our body functioning, taking care of yourself is a necessity. Self-care is better done in baby steps, so we gathered some tips you can do for only 5 to 10 minutes a day. These steps are preferable before you start your day or when you’re getting ready for bed.


  1. Realization
  • Mental State

Stop, sit, and collect yourself. Grasp your current situation. Know that you have control of your mind and you can pause what filters through. This is a perfect time to look around the room you’re in and appreciate the good things in your life. You’re breathing, you can walk,  and other small things that you may take for granted.  Practice gratitude.


2. Write

  • Let Your Writing Hear You

Thoughts infiltrate our minds, which blurs our ability to focus. Pick up that pen at the bottom of your bag and write anything that comes to mind. Priorities, goals you want to achieve, or creative stories you’ve been meaning to tap into. Create an open space for your mind.


3. Deep Breaths 

  • Relaxation Techniques

Deep breathing goes a long way. According to Havard Universty, breathing techniques can help lower stress from inducing anxiety, depression, and heart disease. These methods can be performed through meditation, yoga, and progressive muscle relaxation. Don’t feel as though you need to pursue these practices instantly. Start small and find a comfortable area where you can be alone (bathroom, office, car). Try to train yourself to incorporate 5-minute slow, deep breathing exercises a day.


4. Slowly Erase Negatives

  • Progress Isn’t A Race

This step is the hardest one, which means it’s the most beneficial. In order to make progress deleting unnecessary people or things that pollute our space will ease a lot of pressure off our mind. Obviously, there are people and belongings we cannot avoid, so start small and remove things you don’t need.


Being a better you takes time and know these steps with reveal why patience is your best friend. Your body is what you have for the rest of your life, so treat it well.


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