Eagles game what to eat?

Eagles game what to eat? Let us make your decision easier.

As we all know Philadelphia is home to some of the greatest foods, and one of the best foot ball teams ever , we bleed green and white in Philadelphia. The fans in Philadelphia are rock solid fans the weather has no effect as the crowd is just as motivated to cheer and participate in all tail gating activities. Philadelphia is a town known to make any fan crave a bite to eat. From our cheesy thin slice pizzas, to our home made Philadelphia pretzels down to a grilled cheese steak with fried onions, Philadelphia is  sure to satisfy your every taste bud.

I have first hand experience here in Philadelphia and can vouch when i say Football in Philadelphia is a huge thing and fans are very passionate about their eagles. Tailgating is a great way to enjoy the game before it starts and build excitement before kickoff. What better way to enjoy a tailgate then to know what to eat during it? A couple of othergreat food ideas during your tailgate are larger braised beef sandwich, the beef brisket meatball sandwich, the chipotle mac and cheese, the tall spinach taglio pizza, and the summer eggplant taglio pizza. This is just basic pics of foods, most Philadelphians will bring a cool pack and a small BBQ and grill during the tail gate 

Why do you think about Philadelphia being a football town with some of the most passionate fans in the country? (maybe its the food that drives them mad?)

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