CollegeFest TurnOut

College fest Was the place to be Saturday Septemeber 9 2017

WOW, and Thank you to CollegeFest 2017 for putting together such a successful event, If you missed this year’s event, You must attend 2018s event. Three days later and Philly is still talking about CollegeFest 2017, It’s literally the word around town as the saying goes. What a turnout, with thousands of students from different universities excited to learn about start up businesses. This gives students a first-hand look and understanding of how the Business world functions. This knowledge is key for students who are curious about working for a start up company or investing in a new business. Bitescourt team was able to meet many goal orientated students.There are two things all students have in common: you can never have enough money or food, Bitescourt can solve both problems! We have created a program specifically for this issue. CollegeFest gave us the opportunity to bring on board people to become promoters. I know you’re probably wondering what is a promoter? A promoter is someone who will refer other users to Bitescourt and get paid for it. Promoters get paid differently as this is a special project Bitescourt has rolled out.

We still have a few spots open Want more information? Email- or visit

CollegeFest brought many students together and allowed students to network with one another. Games such as Spin the wheel (which we had) helps students get to know one another as everyone joins in and is hoping to win the best prizes on the wheel. Bitescourt Tent was lit with lines wrapped around the tent, and people waiting to play games. We offered tons of freebies like our LOVE shirt which is our number one hit, our LOVE backpacks, pens, bottle openers, free food and much much more. We love interacting with our audience and college fest was the event to do just that. Missed the event and still want to win freebies? Fear no more Bitescourt will have a give away via FB in the next month and Bitescourt will attend other events very soon, stay tuned Foodies the fun has just begun.

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