College Fest here we come

College fest, what is that?


CollegeFest brings together thousands of students from different universities. This Festival allows students to connect and become familiar with the Philadelphia City. This event gives business the chance to meet new students from different universities and cities, business as ourselves offer many give aways and freebies. Tents, lounges, games, music, and tons of giveaways, discounts off of shops or business in the area and so forth can be found in this event.

The CollegeFest brings together business and students and gives them an unforgettable experience. Both parties will talk about this event for the year, as Bitescourt has attended this event in the past and boy did it have us talking. The best part is this event is solely for students as the main goal is for students to explore their cities and get rewarded just for being students, This leaves a vast area of marketing for your target audience as thousands of students are in one park thousands of college students. The goal of campus college fest is to create unique experiences for both students and vendors.

This event is free admissions all students must bring a university ID to prove they are a student. This event is a rain or shine event, most business will provide a tent and seating arrangments as the lines to play the games are literally out of this world. 

According to the Ecampus website, “CollegeFest has been around over 30 years and started at the Boston University Armory. Our Flagship event now takes place annually at Fenway Park in Boston and attracts over 10,000 students. But we’re not stopping there. CollegeFest is growing both locally and nationally, we’re adding additional events in the Boston area (including a second back to school event and a travel themed event) are and are expanding to new markets around the country.”

Bitescourt is excited to attend this event, as we love networking with people, to help us spread the word, we are the app that pays you to eat!

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