Walnut Street Theater Annie

Walnut Street Theater Annie November 7th, 2017 – January 7th, 2018 December in Philly bring to you ANNIE! Annie is a musical that has been in america playing in Broadway since 1977.  According to the plays script, The play is about An orphan in a facility run by the mean Miss Hannigan (Carol Burnett), Annie (Aileen Quinn) believes that her parents left her there by mistake. … Continue reading Walnut Street Theater Annie

Philadelphia’s Christmas Village:

December is a magical time in Philadelphia as it looks like a Christmas village. The City of Brotherly Love shines bright during the holidays, with light shows, ice skating rinks, tree lighting, concerts and much more! My favorite part is the holiday village with all the shops, you can’t help but feel magical as if your coming straight out of the north pole. I mean … Continue reading Philadelphia’s Christmas Village:

The history of Thanksgiving

Is any one else curious about the The History of Thanksgiving? Do you all remember history class in middle school ? ( I know it’s been some time aha) Well here’s a refresher course , join me as we travel decades in the past . Welcome to the year 1621 where history teaches us according to history.com “the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast … Continue reading The history of Thanksgiving

The tech world is growing rapidly in Philly – did you know you canget free meals now

Tech world is growing rapidly in Philly.  Its like whisper down the lane the techs are taking over! As we all know the millennial generation has brought many changes to the United States. Millennials, like myself, expect things to be done fast and in a click of a button. We rely heavily on technology as our everyday living has already changed from 30 years prior. … Continue reading The tech world is growing rapidly in Philly – did you know you canget free meals now

Resturant Alert: South Philly area

Philly, we have another restaurant alert! located in the South Philly area of Philadelphia we bring to you EL Trompo Loco: Address: 942 S 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 Hours: 10AM–10PM Enjoy some of El Trompo Loco’s yummy choices: 1.Tostadas Tenemos de Tinga,Bisteck,chorizo,Queso 2.Unos Ricos Machetes Hay de chicharrón con calabacitas,Champiñones,chorizo y Queso 3.Tacos Arabes which is Flour tortillas with cheese or chicken. 4. Carne Enchilada Sopes … Continue reading Resturant Alert: South Philly area

quick eats on Bitescourt

quick eats, who doesn’t love that? Let’s face it everybody loves quick eats! Especially with today’s modern age. Technology has taken over the way we eat, watch tv, shop and even think! We want everything done quickly as time is of the essence. With a lot of things to do during the day and so little time,  food is the last thing you want holding you back. … Continue reading quick eats on Bitescourt

Resturant Alert – BBQ lovers this ones for you!

Ribs R US / Luther ribs  This restaurant alert is a hot trending spot in Philadelphia. Grab your BBQ bibs and get ready to get dirty. Are you ready BBQ lovers? The name says it all! If you’re a meat eater then you want to try this BBQ joint, located on 4912 5th st in the Philadelphia area. First I need to start off with woahhh, this … Continue reading Resturant Alert – BBQ lovers this ones for you!

Calling all College Students

  College students this blogs for you! Here are ten places every college student should visit in Philadelphia. Starting with south street one of the most famous streets in Philadelphia, it’s known for its shopping, music, and art scenes. There are also multiple theatres and music venues to see on the south street. The continental bar which is located on Market Street is a martini … Continue reading Calling all College Students

How can you get free food?

I think there’s a question all people have in common, How can you get free food? But the better question is can I get paid to eat? There is nothing better than free food and money am I, right people? Well, I have a little secret I want to let you in on… theres a food app that literally pays you to eat! I know you’re wondering … Continue reading How can you get free food?