Philadelphia suburbs Christmas shows:

Philadelphia suburbs Christmas shows: In October I wrote about a few farms that you might read here as well,In PA farms have a lot to offer,  the farms are normally year round and are all decked out with decor during holidays. Today I am writing about two different farms located in the suburban part of Pennsylvania. The best part about the suburban farms are the light … Continue reading Philadelphia suburbs Christmas shows:

The history of Thanksgiving

Is any one else curious about the The History of Thanksgiving? Do you all remember history class in middle school ? ( I know it’s been some time aha) Well here’s a refresher course , join me as we travel decades in the past . Welcome to the year 1621 where history teaches us according to “the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast … Continue reading The history of Thanksgiving

Eagles 51, Broncos 23

Eagles 51, Broncos 23 Eagles wipe the Broncos ! PHILADELPHIA —  wow what a game! In the beginning Denver dug itself a two-score hole in the first quarter but never recovered, eventually Denver fell to behind and was defeated 51-23 to the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday. “”We got our [butt] kicked. What else needs to be said?” defensive end Derek Wolfe said. … Continue reading Eagles 51, Broncos 23

Get ready for a ton of holiday fun !

Get ready for a ton of holiday fun Philly! Make the most of the holiday weekend with your loved ones and friends! Thursday, November 23 to Sunday, – November 26 Are you ready for a ton of holiday fun!??! The long Thanksgiving weekend officially kicks off a season of nonstop festivities in Philadelphia, starting with the 98th annual Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade — the oldest … Continue reading Get ready for a ton of holiday fun !

Halloween, Where did it originate from?

Where Did Halloween Originate from? This question boggles most American minds, as the origin of Halloween is never discussed, rather just the trick or treating. Every kid looks forward till October 31st, where you can allow your imagination to roam free and become someone different for one evening whether your dressing as a witch or as a queen, we all get a little creative on … Continue reading Halloween, Where did it originate from?

Black and Brown Techs changing the way we think

Why Philly? I thought silicone valley is where all the techs are? Welcome to the real world people, technology has changed our everyday lives and Philly wants in! Philly has numerous startups and amazing colleges with kids oozing to become their own boss. Philly has had a lot of exciting changes, From Comcast opening the tallest headquarter building, Wawa moving in the city, apps talking over the way we … Continue reading Black and Brown Techs changing the way we think

October Activites in Philly

Top Things to Do in Philadelphia in October 2017 September is rolling out and the leaves are slowly falling. You can begin to smell the crisp, pumpkin spice scent lingering in the air. The season is here to give us all a little fear. Philly, the city of brotherly love has a thing for the spooks from fall foodie festivals (like restaurant week again!), Oktoberfest, Halloween … Continue reading October Activites in Philly

Event Turn out

Erie Market Place Located on 1240 E Erie Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124 Normal Hours of operation are: 7:45 AM – 10:00 pm This gem of a supermarket is fully stocked with fresh produce, meats and your Spanish food spices and unique foods from all over the world. The quality and Fresh meat is packed and is available in many different styles and sizes, for example, steaks, boneless … Continue reading Event Turn out