Philadelphia Restaurant – Love Park Pizza & Chicken

Located near Temple University, is the booming business, Love Park. Locals and students head here for their well crafted fast food. Make makes them stand out? Their services are open until 3am, which is always a hot hit for late night munchies. Make sure you order from Love Park, because with “the best pizza in Philly,” you’ll be waiting in line with hundreds of others. … Continue reading Philadelphia Restaurant – Love Park Pizza & Chicken

Philadelphia Restaurant – Trios Fresh Italian

If you need an expression for Trios Fresh Italian it would be “ho l’acquolina in bocca!” Rebranded in 2010 with a new menu and management, Trios is where you can find all natural, pure Italian food located in Olde Kensington. Their Rustice pizza, Prosciutto pasta, and Mediterranean salad are a knockout from customers and will surely stun your taste buds. Visit and enjoy their handcrafted¬†food … Continue reading Philadelphia Restaurant – Trios Fresh Italian

Philadelphia Restaurant – Garden’s Pizza

Started in 1997, Garden’s Pizza is an open field of appetizing food you want to order if a late night snack is on your mind. Known for their buffalo wings and cheese pizza, Garden is the go-to place all Temple students rave about. Get your American foodie needs here if you’re ever in the North Philly area. “I’ve ordered from this place a bunch and … Continue reading Philadelphia Restaurant – Garden’s Pizza