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Eagles are one win from playing in Super Bowl 52.

After beating the favored Atlanta Falcons (15-10), the eagles have proved the doubters wrong. This divisional round has been a crazy one. After New England’s blowout win, Jacksonville’s upset at Pittsburgh and Minnesota’s game winner during the final seconds of the game. The eagles fed of the doubt and predictions of them losing at home and will continue having the underdog mentality and fight.

The last time the eagles have played in the NFC championship was 9 years ago against the Arizona Cardinals. The last time the eagles have played in the Super Bowl was 13 years ago against the New England Patriots. Still no Super Bowl parades but hopefully that will change soon. This team has been through a lot and reaching this far without our franchise QB Carson Wentz is unbelievable. Our city continues to be behind this team and always have been. The eagles face their toughest opponent yet with the Vikings, but the eagles have hunger for a Super Bowl contention and has a city behind them for support.

Comment below if you watched the game. Do you think the eagles will take the super bowl?

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