Black and Brown Techs changing the way we think

Why Philly?

I thought silicone valley is where all the techs are? Welcome to the real world people, technology has changed our everyday lives and Philly wants in! Philly has numerous startups and amazing colleges with kids oozing to become their own boss.

Philly has had a lot of exciting changes, From Comcast opening the tallest headquarter building, Wawa moving in the city, apps talking over the way we eat, play video games, watch tv,  and shops and to top of all of Amazon might open shop here. But what does this mean…  what exactly is going on in the tech world?

Have you heard the buzz? Everyones talking and we have the dish … Take a look through the eyes of Black and brown :

Location: 3711 Market ST

Time: 9-5

Date: October 9th & 10th 2017

The black and brown founders have a clear mission to spread awareness and help black and brown founders launch or start up their business. On the website, the missions are clear and bold for all viewers to understand

According to the website, Black & Brown Founders Project does two things:

  1. Give Black and Latinx founders knowledge, tools and cutting-edge tactics to build successful companies without relying on venture capital.
  2. Build a community of Black and Latinx founders to network and share resources with each other.

Black & Brown Founders have done such a great job hosting a 2-day event for people of color who are entrepreneurs.Grouping everyone in one space to network and get to meet other entrepreneurs who faced similar struggles. From Free apps, which will help you create your app, website, design, blog to helping you find the right employees (example linkden) and much more. Technology has evolved and made life a lot easier if you’re starting your own business. Check out black and browns page to get more valuable information: 

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